Perplex Hershey


“There are a wide variety of puzzles to appeal to all sorts of cognitive styles. This was especially important to me because I’ve found a number of escape rooms tend to rely heavily on the same type of puzzle – which can get monotonous after a while – but that’s not the case at all at Perplex! The puzzles are unique and challenging but not too frustrating. It is one of the more difficult escape rooms to solve, but you never feel like the solution is out of reach. Nothing feels “canned” and the hour went by so fast it really proves time flies when you’re having fun. We had my son’s 13th birthday party at Perplex and had a blast. From age 12 to 51, we found the enigmas we faced mind bending and rewarding. The staff did a perfect job of being accessible but not intrusive. They were extraordinarily thoughtful and accommodating. I liked the fact that this wasn’t just a kit room from an escape room chain because it gave the room a real flavor of the unexpected. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. It is definitely worth every dollar to spend an hour in their Egyptian riddle-scape. If you’re up for a real challenge or just want an escape room experience you can’t find any place else, I highly recommend Perplex.”
– Patricia C.