Perplex Hershey


What’s an escape room?

An escape room is a fun challenge where you and a group of friends enter a locked room and try to solve puzzles to unlock it within an hour. (You’re never really locked in, by the way. But imagining you are is a big part of the thrill.)

Can I book by phone?

Perplex accepts reservations online at
up to 16 hours prior to your game time. If it is less than 16 hours before, please call to see if we can accommodate your same-day reservation.

What time should I arrive for my reservation?

You should arrive 15 minutes before your reservation time. Your game clock starts automatically, so being 15 minutes in advance of your reservation is critical to give your group time to understand the rules. We will admit late arrivals but your original 60-minute reservation time will not be extended or refunded.

How much does the experience cost?

Our escape game costs $28 per person.

Can I book an entire room?

Our Mummy Room was designed for a maximum capacity of 8 players. While you may book for as few as two adults, parties may be merged until the room is full. To guarantee a room for only your party, please book for the full amount of slots for that room.

Is it scary?

It’s about as scary as a PG-13 movie with really good special effects. Or a modern comic book. But for younger audiences, we have also designed a G-rated version, which we are glad to provide with advance notice.

What is the minimum number of adults that can play?

Our rooms are most fun for teams of at least 3 players. If you have fewer in your party, please try to book a time slot that has other players already. Since the escape game is based on teamwork, it is far more exciting and less challenging if you are not alone. But don’t be afraid to book solo or as a couple joining a group of strangers; you’re bound to walk away with new friends!

Can I pay in cash on arrival?

At this time, we only accept payment via credit card at

Are children allowed?

Participants as young as 8 can enjoy our escape rooms with adult supervision. Children 14 and up require no adult supervision.

Can I book back-to-back slots for more time in room?

No, the objective is to escape within the allotted hour.

Can more participants fit in than what is stated on the website?

No, each room has a maximum capacity.

I’m trying to book an escape room for today, but the online booking system is not allowing me. Does that mean you are full for the day?

Our online reservation system only allows bookings up to 16 hours prior to your game time. If it’s less than 16 hours before the time you would like to attend, please call to check availability.

Can we bring alcohol?

Unfortunately, no food or drinks are allowed in the escape rooms.

Where should we park?

Free off-street parking is readily available right in front of our location.

Do you offer a large group discounted rate?

We offer discounts for large parties. Please email or submit a contact form to inquire.

Can we do the same escape room more than once?

Sure, but be aware: our rooms do not change, so you will encounter the same puzzles the second time you visit a room.