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Unique Team-Building Events



An Unforgettable Corporate Outing
Hershey Perplex offers special rates for group events and corporate team-building retreats. Besides our renowned escape games, we offer spacious, modern spaces for break-out sessions, seminars, brainstorming, meetings and presentations. Our game rooms can accommodate up to 22 players simultaneously, and our open space easily seats up to 50. For large groups, we offer discounts from our regular pricing.

• Unique team-building experience
• Communication and problem-solving training
• Fun and creative venue for presentations or group gatherings

Alice in Puzzleland – (Maximum players 10-12)
Curiouser and curiouser. Befuddling riddles. Zany, mad-hatted clues. A disappearing Cheshire cat. Muster your team’s wits to solve this wildly fun, classic amazement before the Queen of Hearts shrieks “Off with their heads!”

Escape the Mummy’s Curse – (Maximum players 8-10)
Your team is locked in the study of famous Egyptologist Dr. Popplebaum. With just one hour before sundown, can you and your friends solve the clues to unlock the mystery and escape the mummy’s curse?

Conference space and amenities
In addition to a set of fantastic games to challenge your staff, Perplex also offers comfortable areas for presentations and meetings before or after the game sessions. We provide meeting space configurations for small group breakouts as well as large group presentations.

Space rental (other than game sessions):
1 hr – $150
Up to 3 hrs – $300

Large Conference Space
645 Sq. ft.
Projector available on request
Multiple table and seat configurations

Lobby Space
210 Sq. ft.
TV with HDMI hookup
Casual seating
Seats 10-12

BYO – $3/person setup/cleanup charge
Provided – $13/person setup/cleanup/pickup charge
BYOB available upon request

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