Perplex Hershey


Last Updated: 5/23/16

Terms and conditions


Paying customer and members of paying customer’s party, will be henceforth known as “participant.”

Perplex Gaming Group LLC will be henceforth known as “Perplex” or “Perplex Gaming” and includes ownership and any authorized employees of Perplex Gaming Group LLC.

Facility is defined as the physical premises of experience, including: building, rooms, structure, exterior as well as surounding areas: property common use areas, sidewalk, parking lot, etc.



  • No recording or photos allowed in the rooms.
  • No food or beverage allowed in the rooms.
  • Participants must show respect to each other Perplex Gaming and the facility.
  • No smoking in facility.
  • Arrive on time prior to appointment start time.
  • No fighting.
  • Electrical outlets are live!  do not tamper with them.
  • Do not intentionally break anything.
  • No refunds. Contact Perplex Gaming to reschedule your session within 24 hrs prior to scheduled start time.

Accident Liability Waiver

All guests will be required to sign a general liability waiver before participating.  Guests under the age of 18 will need to have a liability waiver signed by their legal parent or guardian prior to visit.  Download and print Liability Waiver.


Payment is due prior to participation unless other arrangements have previously been made in writing signed by both Perplex Gaming and Participant.

All payments are final.  No refund will be given unless determined required by Perplex Gaming.

Promotional codes may only be used if booking occurs at least 24 hours prior to booked session.


Any damages to equipment or facility caused by participants will be fully reimbursed by participant.  Any damages resulting in cancellations of future game sessions or cost to business will be fully reimbursed by participant.



The safety of all participants is of utmost importance to Perplex Gaming.  Any participant determined to be endangering the safety of any participant will be immediately discharged from facility and no refund will be provided.


No AV recording

Participants may not capture any audio or visual recordings inside the facility without prior consent of Perplex Gaming.  Secrecy of the puzzle solutions are considered an escape room’s most valuable commodity and any attempt to capture or share any recordings of experience will not be tolerated.  Safe areas for taking photos of visit will be limited to lobby/waiting area and exterior of building.


Media Usage

Certain opportunities exist to receive captured media of the particpants’ experience and will be provided by Perplex Gaming.  Media will be provided as digital files or printed materials as determined by Perplex Gaming.  If provided media includes any sensitive or confidential content froM the experience it may only be used for personnal use such as reviewing team performance.  Perplex Gaming retains all rights to provided media.  Provided media may not be shared, licensed or displayed to any audiences without previous written consent by Perplex Gaming.



All materials, audio, visual files, creative works, puzzles and custom-built equipment are copyrights of Perplex Gaming and may not be used without prior written permission by Perplex Gaming.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

All sales are final however Perplex Gaming may be able to reschedule sessions if notified within 24 hrs prior to session start time.


Right to Refuse Service

Perplex Gaming and employees of Perplex Gaming may refuse service to anyone for any reason as determined by Perplex Gaming and its employees.  Service may be refused to visibly intoxicated participants, participants displaying aggressive or dangerous behavior, leaking confidential or otherwise sensitive information about the experience, or jeopardizing the enjoyment of any other participants of the facility.


Right to use of likeness

Photos, videos and other captured media of participants may be used by Perplex Gaming Group for marketing purposes without written consent.