Perplex Hershey

Cryptic Symbols.

Ancient Codes.

No other escape rooms feature such lavish detail and exotic props.

Choose your room below to be instantly transported into a mystery you'll never forget.




The escape rooms within The Hershey Perplex will be sure to tantalize your senses while challenging rational thought as you attempt to beat the clock. Reserve your unique escape room experience in one of our rooms and feel the rush of competing with (or against) friends to turn that final key. Choose your comrades and your room wisely.


Escape the Mummy

Alice in Puzzleland

The mummy room immerses you in a quirky Egyptologist’s office, complete with finely-detailed replicas of actual historic artifacts such as canopic jars, rare insects and a full-scale sarcophagus. As you race to beat the curse before sunset, you’ll need to piece together a one-of-a-kind mystery that will test your wit and resolve.